Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Other Shelters, Rescue Groups, and Resources


Louisiana State University shelter: Sheltered at least 40 dogs, 27 cats, and 3 rabbits. Photos posted on website. **Animals at LSU were shipped to other shelters as of October 10th, but there should be a paper trail if you need find one of the pets pictured on their website.

St. Bernard Animal Control: Sheltering St. Bernard Parish pets (including those taken to Rebel Field). 222 dogs, 244 cats, and 13 other animals (including horses, turtles, snakes, birds, ferrets, etc). Photos posted on website.

Best Friends Animal Society: Temporary staging area in Tylertown, MS. Working with Jefferson Parish animal control. To the best of my knowledge, they are still taking in pets everyday. They have LOTS of rescued dogs and cats (all listed on Petfinder). Some have been transferred to foster homes or to their sanctuary in Utah.

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation: Located in Chantilly, VA. Fostering about 26 dogs from Hurricane Katrina. Pictures shown on website.

Kathy's Klippery: Located in Platte Woods, MO. Fostering about 20 (?) dogs brought back from Winn-Dixie staging area. Pictures shown on website (may be incomplete). ***UPDATE 11/28: Two more pages of photos posted here.

Wisconsin Humane Society: Located in Milwaukee, WI. Adopting "Katrina cats". Pictures shown on website. They don't specify which cats from their list are "Katrina cats", but you can take a good guess from their names ("Katrina", "Bayou", "Parish", "Orleana", etc.) Pictures shown on website. ***UPDATE 10/30: Looks like a lot of these have been adopted already. Not sure if they are keeping records on all the cats.***

SPCA: Los Angeles: Fostering/adopting out 124 cats and dogs from St. Bernard's Parish.

Tails of Hope Sanctuary: Located in Mt. Airy, MD. Fostering at least 10 dogs (not very clear on total number). Pictures shown on website (may be incomplete).

Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota": Fostering about 10 golden retrievers (or golden retriever mixes). Trying to reunite dogs with owners. Photos shown on website and each listed as "KATRINA RESCUE DOG" (scroll about 3/4 way down page).

Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue: Fostering 4 rescued golden retrievers. Photos shown on website.

Countryside Rescue and Adoption Center: Located in Santa Rosa, CA. Adopting out 5 rescued dogs & 6 rescued cats. Pictures shown on website and listed as "Katrina Rescue!"

Adopt-A-Dog, Inc! Fostering about 30 rescued dogs. They are adopting them out during an event on October 29th. No pictures or other info of these dogs on their website.

Humane Society of Ventura County: Located in Ojai, CA. As far as I can tell from their website, it looks like they are fostering only 5 rescued dogs (not quite sure). Pictures shown on website.

Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland Fostering 5 beagles (or beagle mixes). Listed and pictured at top of the page. Each listed as "KATRINA RESCUE".

Dogs at PAWS Chicago: They have about 100 rescued dogs going up for adoption soon. Photos posted on website. Also look here.

Cats at PAWS Chicago: They have about 35-40 rescued cats going up for adoption soon. Photos posted on website.

Project Halo: Located in Charlotte, NC. They were stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi since September 7th and have taken in over 500 rescues. (Many have been adopted already, but some are listed on their Petfinder adoption list).

Animal Rescue Incorporated: Located in Maryland. Sheltering 40 dogs and 9 cats. About 13 dogs are pictured on the website.

A.N.N.A. Shelter: Located in Erie, PA. Adopted out most of their "Hurricane pets", but will update their site soon with more rescued pets. [no pictures]

Animal Ark: Located in Minnesota. Fostering lots of dogs and cats...and a few rabbits. Photos posted on website. Listed as "Katrina Survivor".

Arizona Humane Society: They received over 160 rescued pets. No photos posted yet, but eventually all rescues will be listed on Petfinder. SOME of the animals previously staged at the Dixon Correctional Insitute were relocated here. ***UPDATE 10/30: Beginning Saturday October 29th, over 200 Katrina pets will be going up for adoption between now and the next 4-6 weeks.***

BADRAP: "Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls" (B.A.D.R.A.P.) These pets were pulled from Lamar-Dixon September 22–28th. Mostly pitbulls (or pitbull mixes). One female Aussie mix. Photos posted on website.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society: Located in Birmingham, AL. Currently 45 dogs listed (most with photos). ***UPDATE 10/30: Looks like there are only 33 cats & dogs now listed in Petfinder's lost & found section. I'm not sure if the missing ones have been reunited or have been adopted out.***

Humane Society of Boulder Valley: Currently sheltering about 45 rescued dogs. Photos on website.

SPCA Cincinnati: Sheltering about 20 cats and well over 100 dogs. Photos on website.

CAWS: "Concordia Animal Welfare Shelter" Rescue. About 20 pets listed. I'm not sure how many of these are actually Katrina rescues (there are no details on which ones are from the hurricane). Some of them may actually be owner surrenders (not sure).

Humane Society of Calvert County: Sheltering 17 rescued dogs (there are two pages of photos). Also look here and here. ***UPDATE 10/30: Their website says the rescue dogs are up for adoption as of 10/25/05.***

Cambridge & District Humane Society: A Canadian shelter that took Katrina pets. I'm not quite sure which of the pets listed are actual Katrina pets. Photos on website.

Humane Society of Delaware County: Took in 36 rescued dogs (all currently in foster homes). Photos on website.

Dumb Friends League: Located in Denver, CO. They received 128 rescued dogs in mid-September (40 of which were transferred to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley). Also look here for Dumb Friends rescue photos. ***UPDATE 11/1: New photos of all the rescued dogs posted here.

East Bay SPCA: Sheltering about 20-30 rescued dogs and cats. Photos on website.

Great Dane Rescue in Ohio: Sheltering about 10 rescued dogs (none of which are great danes). Photos on website.

HART: "Homeless Animals Rescue Team" located in Fairfax Station, VA. They have about 20 rescued cats and dogs. Photos on website.

Hopalong Animal Rescue: Fostering about 20 dogs and cats....and 2 fish! Photos on website.

Iberia Humane Society: They brought in many dogs (3 pages of photos) and 2 cats. Photos posted on website.

LSU Vetmed: Lots of rescued pets that WERE at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center (not sure where they are now). Photos posted on website.

SPCA of Monterey County: Fostering 31 rescued dogs. Photos posted on website.

Michigan Animal Adoption Network: Also try their rescue photos. Photos posted on website. ***UPDATE 10/30: Looks like they are adopting out these dogs already (or have already adopted them).***

Michigan Animal Rescue League, Inc.: Fostering 14 Katrina dogs and 6 cats. They currently have 57 pets listed with photos on Petfinder (although I'm not quite sure which ones are the "Katrina pets"). But on their shelter info page, they say the Katrina pets are up for adoption.

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue: Located in Livonia, MI. They currently have 36 cats and dogs up for adoption on Petfinder. Katrina pets should say "Hurricane" in the pet's name (I think there are 5 of them total).

Humane Society of Missouri: Dogs and cats transported from Hattiesburg shelter (Mississippi), Lamar-Dixon shelter (Gonzales, LA), and from Beaumont, Texas area. Lots of dogs and cats. Photos posted on website (listed by location & breed).

Montgomery County Humane Society: Located in Maryland. Sheltering rescued cats and dogs. Photos posted on website (may be incomplete).

Humane Society of NW Louisiana: Sheltering about 70 dogs found in St. Bernard's Parish. Scroll all the way down page to see photos (and also check "previous posts"). Also, these 70 dogs are listed on Petfinder.

Used Dogs: Located in New Orleans, LA. They rescued dogs exclusively from Algiers, on the westbank of New Orleans. About 29 dogs are listed. Look for the ones labeled "Katrina Rescue #?"

Oregon Humane Society: They rescued & are currently sheltering many cats and dogs (5 pages of dogs). Photos posted on website.

Humane Society of Pagosa Springs: Currently sheltering 65 dogs. Photos posted on website.

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA: Sheltering dogs and cats rescued from St. Bernard's Parish. Photos posted on website.

Pet Survivors: Sheltering 21 dogs rescued from St. Bernard's Parish between September 25th and 26th (previously at the Winn-Dixie staging area). Photos posted on website.

PETA: Located in Norfolk, VA. Sheltering 32 dogs rescued from St. Bernard's Parish. Photos posted on website. Also look at photos of their rescue efforts.

Pet Neighbor Network: Over 30 pages of rescued cats and dogs (located at VARIOUS shelters around the country). Photos posted on website. If you see a pet that may be yours, call their toll-free number at 1-866-673-4704.

PPG Health Dept.: Website has 46 photos (2 pages) of rescued cats & dogs in Plaquemines Parish.

Rancho Coastal Humane Society: Sheltering rescued dogs, cats, and rabbits. Some are listed as "Katrina survivor" next to their photo, but most are listed as Katrina pets in their detailed descriptions (after clicking on their photo).

ARC (American Rottweiler Club) There are three links to search through with photos of rescued rottweilers. Most of them have information on their previous locations, but I'm not sure how to find out their CURRENT locations. Jan Cooper is a wonderful woman if you need help tracking down a rottie (her contact info is on the website).

SPCA of Santa Cruz: They received 15 rescued pets from Louisiana on September 16th and 21st. Photos posted on website.

South Bay Purebred Rescue: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Katrina pets. Photos posted on website. Keep checking this site as more Katrina pets will be listed shortly.

SPCA of Texas: Currently, about 44 rescued dogs listed & pictured on their website. Check back often as they are still adding more rescued pets. ***UPDATE 11/4/05: Also check their foster stories page to see more dogs that are currently in foster homes.***

Cesar Millan: Dog Whisperer: Currently working with 3 rescued Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

PHS/SPCA: Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA. Currently sheltering rescued Katrina pets. SOME photos posted on website (incomplete).

Milo Foundation (photos of rescue efforts). They are sheltering Katrina dogs and cats. Scroll through all the pages of photos...most Katrina pets should say "Katrina Cat" or "Katrina Dog" in their listing.

JH Animal Adoption Center: Katrina dogs and cats up for adoption. Some photos posted on website (incomplete). Also, check out their animals already adopted out. Some of the adopted ones are Katrina pets also. (Most are listed as "Katrina Survivor".)

New Leash on Life: Located in Newhall, CA. Their website has 4 pages of rescued dogs and cats. Photos posted on website. Also, check out photos of Katrina pets brought to L.A.

Katrina Lost Pet Registry: Listing of rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, etc. SOME photos posted on website (very incomplete).

Petfinder Classifieds: Listing of rescued/found pets. You can search by state (towards the top of the page).

For the Love of Dog: Adopting out 6 rescued rottweilers. Photos posted on website. All labeled as "Katrina Survivor". ***UPDATE 10/30: They now have about 15 Katrina dogs (different breeds) posted on their website. About 6 of them are up for adoption on November 6th. A few dogs already have adoptions pending.***

Animal Rescue of Tidewater: Adopting out 2 Katrina cats. Photos posted on website. "Puddin" & "Tiffany" labed as "Hurricane Katrina Survivor".

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League: Humane Society of the Palm Beaches. They are sheltering 125 rescued dogs and cats which were previously located at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center (Gonzales, LA). [NO photos posted on website]. Phone #: (561)686-3663

Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue: One female rottweiler up for adoption (about 2 years old?). Rescued from Mississippi. Photo posted on website.

Misha May Foundation: Located in Colorado. Adopting out Katrina cats and also Katrina dogs.

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue: Located in Minnesota. This shelter has rescued Katrina dogs (currently being fostered and NOT up for adoption). As of October 30th, there are no photos or other info on the dogs, but I'm sure you could email and ask.

Humane Society of Central Illinois: This group participated in rescued efforts in Tylertown, Gonzales, and Baton Rouge. Their website says they transported many dogs (and a few cats) from Slidell, LA around Sept 27th to their Illinois shelter. No photos or other info is posted yet about these rescued dogs and cats, but they ARE sheltering them as of their last webpage update.

Lucky Mutts: Located in Austin, TX. Fostering many different breeds/mixes of rescued Katrina dogs. They are still taking in more rescued pitbulls. SOME photos posted on website (incomplete). ***UPDATE 10/30: One dog is up for adoption & posted here. (name is "Milagrosa Reddog")***

Sonoma Humane Society: Received 40 rescued cats and dogs. No other info offered on their site as of October 18th. [NO photos posted]

Pet Orphans of Southern California: Fostering/adopting about 4 rescued Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. They are listed as "FROM: Hurricane Katrina Transfer".

Our Pal's Place: Located in Marietta, GA. Fostering about 13 rescued dogs. Photos posted on Petfinder. Not clearly identified as Katrina pets, but mentioned in their detailed listings (starting with dog named "Louis").

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons: Located in Wainscott, NY. Received 15 dogs and 5 cats displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Search through their Petfinder listings for Katrina pets (have to search through all the descriptions).

Beacon Animal Rescue: Located in Ocean View, NJ. They only have one Katrina pet: a female sheltand sheepdog/sheltie mix. Photo posted on website.

Louisiana Boxer Rescue: Click on the big square that says "Hurricane Dogs" or look at their list on Petfinder. They have many hurricane-related dogs. Some are rescued dogs looking for their owners, some are previous shelter dogs, and some are owner surrenders. They are all boxers or boxer mixes (to the best of my knowledge).

Diamond Dachshund Rescue: Located in Kerrville, TX. Sheltering a few rescued Katrina/Rita dogs (mainly dachshunds, but also 2 terrier mixes). Photos posted on Petfinder. You have to read the detailed descriptions on each dog as it is unclear which dogs are "Hurricane dogs". Also look here for pictures of dogs at their shelter. Do a search for the word "hurricane" to find which dogs are Katrina dogs.

Saving the South: Showing one Katrina dog on Petfinder: a female spitz found on the highway August 29th (the day Hurricane Katrina hit). ***UPDATE 10/30: Looks like this dog maybe have been adopted. Petfinder record has been removed.***

Knoah's Ark Pet Rescue: Located in Las Vegas, NV. Fostering many Katrina dogs. Listings on Petfinder should have "Katrina" in the name for identification. Photos posted on website. Not all dogs are listed yet.

Independent Animal Rescue: Located in Durham, NC. They HAD 8 dogs and 9 cats, but some have been adopted. Click here to see the dogs (2 pages of photos). Click here to see the cats (3 pages of photos).

Dawg Rescue, Inc.: Sheltering Katrina dogs (some may have been adopted already). Photos posted on website. Rescued dogs listed as "Hurricane Katrina Dog" in the column on the right.

Hearts United for Animals: Located in Auburn, NE. They have about 20 Katrina dogs with photos posted on their website. Also look at their "meet the survivors" link for more rescued cats and dogs that came to their shelter.

Dixon Correctional Institute: Located in Jackson, LA. About 200 pets were transferred from Lamar-Dixon to the Dixon Correctional Institute (DCI). As of October 19th, there are only about 20 dogs remaining (mainly pitbulls & one german shepherd). Arizona Humane Society received 2 shipments from DCI, the last one had 40 dogs and 8 cats. The Obedience Club of Daytona received about 10 pitbulls. Also, a small no-kill shelter in Los Angeles received a bunch of DCI pets on October 10th. Their phone number is: (800)728-3273 ext. 43 **UPDATE 10/21/05** For Los Angeles, you can call the number I've posted OR you can call (805)652-1001 and talk to Carmelita of the Canine Adoption Rescue Leage. This is where the Los Angeles shipment ended up. They are fostering about 40 pets from DCI. Go to New Leash on Life website to to see photos (includes New Leash dogs AND Canine Adoption Rescue League dogs)

St. Mary's Animal Welfare League: Located in Mechanicsville, MD. I will post details later as I receive them, but for now, I know they are fostering rescued Katrina pets but I'm not sure if they are all owner surrenders or not. Quoted from their website: "We will be picking up animals that have been surrendered, have lost their families, or have no hope of being reunited with their families." [NO photos posted on website]

Paws in Need
Franklin County Dog Shelter
Capital Area Humane Society
Located in Columbus, Ohio vicinity. These groups brought back Katrina pets (some which have already been adopted out). All pets are supposed to be "owner surrenders" or pets that were already in Louisiana/Mississippi shelters. A few photos are posted on the Franklin County Dog Shelter website.

Marin Humane Society: Located in Novato, CA. About 19 cats and 10 dogs (info is not clear on exactly which pets are from the Katrina regions). Website says pets are available for adoption on October 24th. Also see Operation Orphans of the Storm photos on their website. Other shelters they are working with: Big Dog Rescue, Countryside Rescue, Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, East Bay SPCA, Pets Lifeline Animal Shelter, Sacramento SPCA, SPCA of Monterey County, San Francisco Animal Control, San Jose Animal Care, Humane Society of Sonoma County, and San Francisco SPCA.

Operation Kindness: Located in Carolltoon, TX. Fostering/adopting about 27 dogs from Lamar-Dixon staging area. SOME photos posted on website.

Washington Animal Rescue League: Rescued & fostered at least 37 dogs & cats. Some are listed on their site (14 pages to search through) as "Hurricane Katrina Survivor" in the detailed descriptions. They claim that these are all owner surrenders, but an NBC news story on the group says otherwise. [Some of these animals MAY have been rescued off of I-610 after owners were forced to leave.] Read NBC story on Wash. Animal Rescue League & see more pictures of their rescued pets here. Click on "Slideshow" to see the pictures. Also, check out the Animal Planet video featuring WARL & their rescued pets.

Save-A-Pet: Located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Fostering about 63 rescued dogs. Photos posted on website as a slide show. Go to their main website for contact info and other information.

Illinois Humane: Located in Springfield, IL. According to their website, they participated in rescue efforts and brought back pets. I cannot seem to find them anywhere on their website though. It seems like they may just be bringing back pets for the purpose of adoptions. Quote from website: "With sufficient support we can make additional trips down to retrieve more animals" RETRIEVE MORE ANIMALS??? It doesn't seem like they are trying to reunite pets & owners here.

Humane Society of Dickson County: Located in Dickson, TN. I'm not sure how many pets they have (no info on website yet). They rescued a few and also took some from the Winn-Dixie site. [NO photos posted on website]

HARDINSBURG ANIMAL CLINIC: Located in Hardinsburg, KY. They just updated info on Petfinder 10/26/05. Not sure how many pets they are fostering. No website that I know of. Phone #: 270-756-2230

Because You Care, Inc.: Located in McKean, PA. They just updated info on Petfinder 10/26/05. Not sure how many pets they are fostering. [NO photos posted on website.] Phone #: (814) 866-5039

Friends of Homeless Animals: Located in Northern VA / Washington DC area. Fostering 6 Katrina dogs (I believe 2 of them came from Tylertown staging areas). Photos posted on website.

H.O.P.E. Safehouse: Located in Racine, WI. Adopting out many Katrina pets. Photos posted on their Petfinder list of adoptables. Katrina pets listed as "K-xxx" (where xxx is a 3-digit number).

The Cat Connection: Located in Berkley, MI. Adopting out cats from Mississippi. Photos posted on website (including already adopted cats). Also see their adoptable cats on Petfinder.

Sanctuary Animal Refuge: Located in Clewiston, FL. Went to Gulfport, MS with A Good Dog from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Photos of rescue mission posted on website (including photos of a few dogs that were brought back to Florida). See Sanctuary Animal Refuge's adoptable animals on Petfinder.

EDNAH "Sanctuary: I'm sure by now everyone knows about Tammy Hanson and EDNAH. I thought I should put up the pictures in case someone's dog is here. As far as I know, the dogs are now being taken care of by volunteers. They will be photographed, relocated, and tracked through Petfinder. Mountain Home Pets is currently in charge of the EDNAH project (collecting donations, etc.) ***UPDATE 11/7/05: Photos of 400 pets from EDNAH are now being posted on Pet Harbor (only 41 posted at this point). You can access the link directly by clicking here or from the Pet Harbor homepage, click on the link under "Project BArkansas".

Companion Animal Network: Located in Forest Hills, NY. Fostering at least 12 dogs from New Orleans. Photos posted on website (may be incomplete).

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio: Volunteered with Best Friends in Tylertown early October. They brought back about 50 dogs to be fostered with Greyhound Adoption members in Ohio & New York. No other info as of 11/1/05. [No photos posted on website.]

Lake Vista pets: These pets were rescued from Lake Vista by the Mass. National Guard. Photos posted on website. The pets were then taken by the LSPCA (who can tell you where the pets are currently being fostered).

Del Ray Animal Hospital: Located in Alexandria, VA. Left for Gulfport, MS on October 14th and returned with cats & dogs. No known website. Animals currently on Petfinder (incomplete list): Australian cattle dog mix, shar pei mix, short-haired white w/black cat, pit bull terrier mix, F black lab retriever mix, M black lab retriever mix, short-haired orange/white cat, short-haired grey baby kitten

Fluffy Butts Rescue Resort: Located in Southeast Iowa. Fostering Katrina dogs (probably smaller dogs). No photos or other info posted on website as of 11/1/05.

Geauga Humane Society: Located in Russell Township, OH. Rescued pets from St. Bernard's parish and are currently fostering some in Ohio. [As of 11/1/05, their Katrina info page seems to be temporarily down]

West Warren Vet Clinic: Located in Detroit, MI. Fostering Katrina pets. [No photos posted on website]

A.D.O.P.T. (Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment): Located in Naperville, IL. Joined up with Muttshack Rescue in New Orleans, and brought back 25 rescue dogs for adoption. Photos posted on website. Katrina dogs are the following: Cajun, Dixie, Domino, Gaston, Jackson, LeStat, Louie, Neville, Zydeco, and the
collie mix puppies.

Shelter from the Storm: Madison, WI and surrounding area. They were at the Hattiesburg shelter throughout September. Not sure how many pets were brought back, but they are adopting them out. You have to search through the Petfinder descriptions to see which ones are "Katrina pets". ***UPDATE 11/4/05: Katrina pets listed here.***

LOTS OF BIRDS! There are two groups in Baton Rouge fostering a lot of Katrina birds (all are listed on Petfinder). One group has about 60 (everything from parrots to budgies). Contact Veni Harlan at The other group has about 300 Katrina birds. Contact 911 Parrot Alert at

SCLRR in Palmadale, CA: Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. is fostering & caring for 7 Katrina dogs. They are trying to reunite all 7 with their owners. Photos and more info posted on website.

Blue Dog Rescue: Located in Round Rock, TX. They rescued about 15 Katrina dogs (maybe from Winn-Dixie). At this time, there are at least 5 up for adoption on their website (search through the descriptions of each dog). I don't think these dogs are listed on Petfinder. ***UPDATE 11/15/05: Blue Dog also has "referral dogs" listed for adoption from other shelters. Some of these are Katrina pets.***

SPCA Tampa Bay: Took about 200 pets back to Pinellas County (2/3 of which were cats). Pets came from Hattiesburg shelter. Many have already been adopted out (with a foster-to-adopt agreement until Dec 31st). The rest are listed with photos on their website. Four pages with photos of dogs and four pages with photos of cats. You have to search the descriptions to figure out which ones are Katrina pets.

Jacksonville Humane Society: Fostered 33 Katrina dogs until Nov 1st (currently up for adoption). Check the current adoptees (I'm not sure if any of these are Katrina pets or not).

Monroe County Animal League: Located in Union, WV. I'm not sure how many Katrina pets they have/had. There are some for adoption on their Petfinder listing. (You have to search through the detailed descriptions.)

SPCA of Northern Virginia: Fostering 10–15 dogs. Photos posted on website. ***UPDATE 12/5/05: Also see their dogs available for adoption.***

SPCA of Southwest Michigan: Unsure on how many pets they are fostering/adopting. Photos posted with their Petfinder listings. All are listed as "KATRINA". As of 11/04/05, there are 3 cats & 2 dogs listed as "KATRINA".

Sacramento, CA Found Dogs: A list of over 80 "found" dogs. These include several Katrina dogs, but you have to search through the detailed descriptions to find them. Photos posted on website.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge: Located in Oakland, NJ. Received 8 dogs from Louisiana & Mississippi on September 20th. Photos of 6 of them posted on website (I believe all have been adopted out already).

Oswego County Humane Society: Fostering/adopting out 8 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website (even of dogs already adopted).

Greyhounds as Companions (along with Companion Animal Placement Program in New York) are fostering 28 dogs from the Gulf Coast (none of which are greyhounds). Photos posted on website.

Dalmation Rescue, Inc: Fostering 12 Katrina/Rita related dalmations. Photos posted on website.

People for Animals: Located in Hillside, NJ. They rescued many pets from Lamar-Dixon as the facility was evacuating for Rita. Photos of dogs and cats posted on Petfinder pages. I'm not sure if any of the cats are Katrina/Rita related, but many of the dogs are identified as Katrina dogs in their descriptions.>

Animals at Heart: LOcated in Jacksonville, FL. Saved, fostered, & adopted out over 40 pets. I don't think they have photos or any other info on their Katrina pets.

Balwin Park Shelter Foster nine Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

All Rover Rescue Friends: Website says they will receive Katrina pets in November and they will be immediately available for adoption. No further info as of 11/11/05. [No photos posted on website.]

Angels Gate: Located in New York. Fostering about 17 dogs from Muttshack. Photos posted on website.

Pet Planet CANADA: Fostering/adopting out about 40 Katrina dogs and a couple cats. They seem to have quite a few beagles & beagle mixes. Photos posted on website.

Napoleon Vet Clinic (cached link) Located in Napoleon, OH. Phone #: (419)592-6876. The pets are being fostered next door to the Vet Clinic at Pampered Pets Bed and Biscuit. Most of the pets they are fostering were in Alabama shelters prior to the hurricane. Only 10 dogs and 1 cat were rescued post-hurricane. Their phone number is 419-592-PETS. ***UPDATE 12/11/05: These people do not seem to have any intention of listing these pets on Petfinder (or their website).<***>

Good Mews: Located in Marietta, GA. Fostering several Katrina cats. You have to search through the descriptions to find which ones are Katrina-related (but you can tell some by their names).

The Cat House Received 8 cats from the Gulf Coast. I can't seem to find any photos of these cats on their website.

Peppertree Rescue: Fostering about 12 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Out of the Pits: Fostering 10 pit bulls & pit bull mixes (up for adoption at end of December if unclaimed). Photos posted on website.

"CAMP LUCKY" pets: Photos of pets rescued by Camp Lucky in St. Bernard Parish can be viewed at the Government Complex Building/Public Works Office/2nd Floor/Chalmette. Phone #: (504)278-4317 Mon–Frid 8am to 4pm. First group of pets from Camp Lucky (rescued through Oct 1st) went to SPCA: Los Angeles. Next groups went to the Humane Society of Pinellas and the Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas. Photos & info is being updated on Petfinder.

Plaquemines Parish Animal Control temporary shelter in Belle Chasse. Located at 3712 Main St. Phone #s: (504)392-7154 or (504)392-7151. They have over 200 pets. Only some are pictured on the website.

Humane Society of Knox County: Located in Rockland, Maine. Fostering Katrina cats and dogs. Photos posted on website of Katrina pets in foster care and Katrina pets at their shelter.

Louisiana SPCA: Animals rescued in October by the LaSPCA and sheltered at their new Algiers facility. These pets are posted in the WRONG section on Pet Harbor and do not come up when searching for Katrina pets. Please see these links for their 64 dogs and 116 cats.

Operation Bring Animals Home: Located in Wisconsin. Fostering 9 dogs and 2 cats. Photos posted on Petfinder. I believe these pets were rescued from the Gulfport, MS area.

Black Forest Animal Sanctuary:Located in Black Forest, CO. About 10 Katrina dogs up for adoption. Listed as "Katrina/Rita Rescue" under status. Also see the dogs already adopted out. All listed as "Gulf Rescue Adoptee".

Big Dog Rescue: Working with Marin Humane Society. Adopting out Katrina pets that were evacuated from the Lake Charles shelter for Hurricane Rita. Most of these pets were previously located at Lamar-Dixon. Photos posted on website (you have to search the details of each pet to figure out which ones came from the Gulf Coast).

Humane Society of Inverness: Located in Inverness, FL. Shelter pledged to take in 150 displaced pets (I'm not quite sure how many they actually ended up receiving). Some were transferred from Pasado staging area in Raceland. Pets are currently up for adoption. Photos posted on website. (You have to look through each detailed description to determine which pets are Katrina-related).

Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue: Fostering at least 1 cat and 1 dog from Katrina. Photos of both are posted. Not sure if they have any more pets.

Heavenly Pet Sanctuary: Located in Fairfield, IA. Fostering over 30 dogs and cats (owners have 60 days to claim). Most of these pets were rescued from Animal Control after Lamar-Dixon closed. Photos posted on website (you have to look through detailed descriptions to identify Katrina-related pets).

Chesapeake Pet Resort: Fostering 2 Katrina dogs (both female pit mixes). Photos posted on website.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis: Adopting out many Katrina dogs. 7 pages to look through, labeled as "Hurricane rescue". Photos posted on website.

SPCA of Central Florida:HAD over 200 Katrina pets (most have been adopted??). Currently have only 5 dogs and about 15 cats. Photos posted on website. Must search descriptions for "Katrina cat" or "Katrina dog".

Humane Society of Campbell County: Located in Rustburg, VA. Adopting out 2 Katrina dogs (both males). Photos posted on website.

K.A.R.E. HAD about 50 rescued pets. Currently showing 12 dogs for adoption on their website. Photos posted. Also see their adoption historyfor a few Katrina dogs that have already been adopted.

Cooper's German K9s & Rescue: Currently adopting out 3 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

ABKA:Fostering MANY Katrina dogs & cats (available for adoption Jan 1st). All pets are listed on Petfinder. To find their pet listings, go to Lost and Found Pet Search and enter "abka" into the "Search keywords" field.

Humane Society of Pulaski County:Fostering many Katrina dogs. 8 pages of photos to search through. Listed as "Hurricane Dogs" or as a number with "H" in front of it (ex: "H-09"). Also, look through their Hurricane Animals slideshow (44 images).

Plaquemines Parish Government Health Department: Temporarily located in Belle Chasse, LA. 2 pages of photos of rescued pets. If you see your pet, contact the health department at (504)394-3510.

Animal Rescue Fund of Jackson, MS Fostering dogs rescued from Gulfport, MS. Also fostering dogs rescued from Waveland, MS. Photos posted on website.

Saving Grace: Possibly only fostering a bulldog and a momma cat & babies. Photos are included in the PDF document.

Labrador Retriever Rescue Ontario: Fostering/adopting a few Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Listed as "New Orleans, Louisiana Flood Survivors". Contact info here.

Villalobos Rescue Center: Fostering 8 Katrina dogs (I believe mainly pit bulls). Photos posted on website.

Tompkins County SPCA: Located in Ithaca, NY. Brought back 5 dogs from Lamar Dixon (probably already adopted-out). Photos posted on website (scroll down the page to "Hurricane Katrina Dogs Come to Town!")

Chemung County Humane Society/SPCA: Brought back 7 dogs & 15 cats from St. Bernard Parish. Read this article for more details.

Houston Humane Society: Fostering somewhere between 15 & 20 Katrina/Rita dogs. Photos posted. See their main website for contact information.

Tara's Babies: Fostering Katrina dogs & cats from LA & MS. Their website states that they received at least 120 rescued dogs on September 28th. SOME photos posted on both links (incomplete).

POMERANIANS! Anyone missing a pomeranian, check here. There are six pages of found pomeranians to search through (links at top of webpage). Photos and detailed information posted on website.

Animal Refuge Foundation: Received 15 Katrina dogs from Noah's Wish. No photos posted on website yet (I contacted the shelter about this–just waiting for a reply). More information and a few photos in this article.

Libby's Haven for Senior Canines: Located in Canterbury, NH. Adopting out 4 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

The Haven: Friends for Life: North Carolina's largest no-kill shelter. Fostering at least 10 dogs and 18 cats. SOME photos posted on website (scroll down page to "Operation Hurricane Katrina Rescue". Also see their Petfinder page for more photos.

COCKER SPANIELS!!Anyone missing a cocker spaniel, check here. Photos posted on website. Scroll down to "Cockers Found/Rescued Owners not Known".

Sarah's, Inc: "Saving And Rescuing Pets Humanely" (SARAH) Brought back a total of 75 dogs and 12 cats to the kennels at Pet Pawlor (Madison, Alabama). Worked with Pasado at the shelter in Raceland, LA in September & October. Also, shelter received another 22 dogs on Nov 1st. Pets are posted on Petfinder AERN, but no photos on Sarah's Inc website.

ADDED 12/5/05:

Briggs Animal Adoption Center: Located in Charles Town, NC. Adopting out at least 5 Katrina dogs (look through all 4 pages of dogs). Most are named "Katrina", "Bayou", etc and are listed as being from Hurricane Katrina. Photos posted on website.

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: Adopting out at least 5 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. You have to search through the descriptions, but they are described as "victims of Hurricane Katrina".

Country Club Kennels: Click on "Available Now" on the left side of the page. I believe they only have one Katrina dog ("Saddie"–a female American Staffordshire Terrier). Photo posted on website.

Pet Jamboree: Located in Fort Wayne, IN. Adopting out 11 Katrina dogs. Also check out their Happy Tails page for already adopted Katrina dogs AND cats. Photos posted on website. All pets labeled as "Hurricane".

Chula Vista Animal Care Facility: Fostering 6 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

GPAAS: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society. I believe these pets were taken from Lamar-Dixon in late Sept/early Oct during their first trip to the Gulf Coast. Also see Katrina/Rita Part 2 for their second trip to the Gulf Coast (photos and info on Katrina/Rita pets from Louisiana & Texas. All of these were owner-surrendered to the ASPCA of Houston.)

Fox Valley Humane Association: Adopting out 3 Katrina cats. Photos posted on website. All labeled as "Katrina".

Dalmation Rescue of SW Virginia: Adopting out 4 Katrina dalmations. Photos posted on website. Labeled as "Hurricane Katrina".

Rescue for Ruffugees: PDF document featuring rescued Katrina pets (includes several rescue organizations). 28 pages of photos!! Many cats and dogs.

Lost Fantasy Stables: 3 Katrina dogs & 1 cat. Photos posted on website. Also see their photos taken while at Lamar-Dixon.

K-9 New Life Center: Fostering several Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Search through the descriptions for "New Orleans" or "Katrina".

ADDED 12/6/05:

Harps, Inc: Adopting out 3 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Labeled in red as "Hurricane Katrina survivors".

Nebraska Humane Society: Adopting out one Katrina pet ("Maggie"). Photo posted on website.

Utopia Rescue Ranch: Adopted out 8 Katrina dogs, but photos are still posted on the website.

Best Buddies: Adopting out 5 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Mountains' Humane Society: Adopting out 8 Katrina dogs (supposedly all owner surrenders). Photos posted on website.

Lost & Found Now ads: 6 ads posted for found dogs in Louisiana. [photos for SOME listings]

Animal Hospital on Mt. Lookout Square: Located in Cincinnati, OH. Brought back a few cats, dogs, & bunnies from Louisiana (most came from St. Bernard Parish). Photos posted on website.

Animal House Shelter, Inc: Adopting out two Katrina dogs named "Hurricane" & "Katrina". Photos posted.

TruGame Kennels: Fostering one Katrina dog. Photo posted.

PetConnect, Inc: Brought back 15 dogs & 5 cats from the Gulf Coast (most in foster homes, some have been adopted). Also had a 2nd trip to the Gulf Coast, but I'm not sure if any additional pets were taken in. I don't believe all 20 pets are listed & pictured on their site (2 pages to look through).

Ahimsa Ranch Animal Rescue: Returned from Alexandria, LA on Sept 24th with 50 dogs and 26 cats. Most were immediately adopted out. Check their adoptions page for photos of 5 dogs & 4 cats recently adopted. This group plans to continue going to Louisiana, bringing back pets, and adopting them out. So check back often as they do not hesitate in immediately adopting these pets.

Homeward Trails: Adopting out a few Katrina cats & dogs. Photos posted. Pets listed as "Katrina" next to their names.

ADDED 12/7/05:

Another Chance Animal Rescue: Fostering/adopting out 4 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Identified with an "*" (asterisk) next to their name.

ADDED 12/8/05:

Save-A-Pet Illinois: Adopting out 23 Katrina dogs (4 pages to look through). Photos posted on website.

Town & Country Animal Care Center:Fostering at least 13 Katrina dogs AND lots of puppies. Photos posted on website (5 pages to look through).

Danakay's Rescue Photos: Three pages of photos mostly from Winn Dixie. Some are from Mississippi and also a couple from LSU early in Sept. Current location is known for SOME of these animals, but not all.

Humane Society of Beaverhead County: Adopting out at least 2 Katrina dogs ("Babydoll" & "Jackpot". Photos posted on website.

New Hampshire SPCA: Adopting out at least 2 Katrina dogs ("Boomer" & "Jefferson"). Photos posted on website.

Big Dog Rescue: Fostering/adopting a few Katrina dogs & 1 cat (I believe from Mississippi). Listed under medium dogs, big dogs, and cats. Photos posted on website. Labeled as "Hurricane Katrina survivor". Also see their photos from their rescue trips to Mississippi.

ADDED 12/9/05:

From the Heart Animal Rescue: Located in Las Cruces, NM. Adopting out 3 Katrina dogs: terrier mix, a rottweiler and a male german shepherd. Photos posted on website.

West Suburban Humane Society: Adopting out 4 Katrina dogs, 1 Katrina cat, and 2 kittens. Photos posted on website. All are listed in blue as "a recent rescue from Hurricane Katrina".

OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue: Adopting out a few Katrina dogs (cockers AND other breeds). Photos posted on website. You have to search through descriptions to determine which dogs are from Katrina ("Bayou", "Beau", "Wynn-Dixie", "Louisa", and maybe others).

ADDED 12/11/05:

Pet Connect: They brought back 26 cats and dogs that are now being fostered in the DC area. Click on the video to the left (Audrey Barnes' report) to see more info related to the news story.

Richmond Animal League: Brought back 25 Katrina puppies from Mississippi over the Thanksgiving weekend. Photos posted on website. Also see their Petfinder listings. Most listed as "from katrina".

Friends of the American Rottweiler Club: LOTS of Katrina-related rottweilers listed on (also a few listed by other individuals/rescues). Photos posted on website. Most are listed as "Katrina rescue".

1 terrier mix for adoption in Washington DC area. Male. Photo posted on Craigslist.

1 boston terrier/pit bull mix (?) in Washington DC area. Male. Click here for photo.

SHARE: Shelter Adoption and Rescue Efforts in Richmond, VA. Brought back 5 Katrina dogs. Only one is still listed on Petfinder ("Houdini")

Out of the Pits: Fostering about 10 Katrina dogs (mainly pits/pit mixes). Photos posted on website.

Chekia Dog Rescue: Fostering 3 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Kathy G. (individual): Fostering/adopting out a few Katrina dogs. Photos posted.

2 Katrina dogs saved from GA kill shelter: Photo of 2 Katrina dogs under the title "Katrina dogs off death row".

BPC Dogs: Adopting out 2 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Russell Rescue: Fostering 4 Katrina dogs (seem to be all terrier or terrier mixes). Photos posted on website.

Little Shelter: I believe they have brought back pets from the Best Friends Tylertown site. Some photos posted on website.

Never Left Behind: Adopting out at least 60 dogs, 30 puppies, and lots of kittens (I believe they are all from the Best Friends Tylertown site). They were all born during or after the storm, or "owner surrenders" (supposedly). Some photos posted on website (more to come later). Also, see their photos from trip 1 and from trip 2 (3 pages of photos including a few dogs they took home). WARNING: Some of the trip pictures are GRAPHIC.

ADDED 12/12/05:

Dandelion Dog Rescue: Received a many Katrina pets (not sure if they're posted on the website, adopted out, etc.) Also read article about a Seattle woman who brought back 63 cats & a few dogs. Most cats went to Dandelion, but I'm not sure where everyone else went. View the slideshow for the article.

Santa Fe Animal Shelter: Fostering/adopted out many Katrina dogs. I believe they are also euthanizing "aggressive" dogs, so PLEASE check here for your pet while there's still time. Photos posted on website (you have to search to figure out which ones are Katrina-related).

Leon County Humane Society: Located in Tallahassee, FL. Adopting out Katrina dogs & cats. Some photos posted on website (search through descriptions to find Katrina-related pets)

Greater Peoria Pet Resort: Adopting out Katrina dogs. See the 5 males and the 5 females. Photos posted on website.

Underdog Rescue: Fostering 4 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on bottom of page.

Columbus Dog Connection: Adopting out Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Listed as "Hurricane Katrina Dog" (I think there are only 2).

Adopt-a-Mutt: Foster 12 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website. Also, see their main page for more info.

Helping Out Pets Everywhere: Brought 35 dogs from Biloxi, MS. Some photos posted on website (incomplete).

Binary Blonde (individual??) Adopting out several Katrina dogs & cats. Photos posted on website.

ADDED 12/14/05:

Dobe/Pit Bull Rescue: Selling a few Katrina dogs (1 pit pup, 5 sheltie mixes, 1 chi mix, etc). Make sure to look through all 6 pictures on the page. Also go here for a few more dogs (1yo boxer, 1yo pit, and lots of puppies).

ADDED 12/24/05:

The Senior Dogs Project: Adopting at least 1 Katrina dog (female chow mix).

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue: Fostering about 18 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Road Home Rescue: Photos of a few Katrina dogs (not sure if they're being adopted, fostered, etc.)

Society for Animal Aid: Fostering 2 Katrina dogs (BJ & Bart). Photos posted.

Pet Network: Three Katrina dogs – already adopted, but photos are posted. View the other two here and here.

Doberman Rescue of Nebraska: Adopting out 13 Katrina dogs. Scroll half way down the page to see a slideshow of pictures & to view individual detailed descriptions.

SASHA Farm: [PDF document] Adopting out about 13 Katrina dogs (photos included in PDF)

From the Heart: [PDF document] Adopting out 8 Katrina dogs. Scroll to the end of the PDF to see photos of the dogs.

The Bark: Also, this link. Photos of 2 rescued dogs.

Monmouth County SPCA: Fostering 3 Katrina dogs (featured at the bottom of the page–their descriptions are in red).

Clearview Pet Care: Adopting out 8 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Vermilion Animal Control: Fostering about 8 Katrina dogs. Photos posted on website.

Chi.P.P. Rescue: Adopting out one Katrina dog (female yorkie/dachshund mix). Photo posted.

UGA Vet School: Fostering about 7 Katrina dogs. Photos posted.


At 6:40 PM, Blogger barb said...

Delaware County Humane Society in Delaware Ohio has taken in Katrina dogs. Unsure if they have been adopted out and unsure if they have cats but I did see the dogs and know they had planned to get more.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Jamie from Indiana said...


I already have Delaware County Humane Society listed, but thanks for the info. Please let me know if you hear of anything else about them or other groups.

Thank you!!

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

I have a 3-page list of shelters with photos of Katrina pets. I'm sure many are duplicates...but wd you like me to email it to you? Kathy

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Jamie from Indiana said...

That would be great! Chances are that we'll find at least a couple new ones that aren't duplicates. Every bit counts. One new shelter can mean just one more owner finally finding their pet. Email me at

I can't concentrate at work anyways...all I do is search through lists & online for more shelters! Keep them coming!

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Can you post any info on transportation options for owner-reunites here, as well as info on the HSUS vet service sponssorship.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Jamie from Indiana said...


That's a very good idea. I'll start a new section with info on transportation options. I really don't have much info right now though...I can look into a few things, but if you have any info, please let me know so I can add it!

Thank you!

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Laura Holochwost said...

HOPE Safehouse in Racine, WI has a number of Katrina dogs and cats. They picked up animals during the last week of September. The animals have not been posted on AERN. They are available for adoption on the Petfinder adoption pages. No mention is made of conditional adoption while waiting for owners to reclaim. See The Katrina rescues have a K-xxx number listed with their name.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some groups in Charleston SC went to the Gulf Coast and took animals out of homes. They never posted them on petfinders. From what I've been told, these dogs were not surrenders. All of these dogs were adopted out Oct.22 at a Katrina Adoptathon at SuperPetz. The groups involved were PetHelpers, Lowcountry Animal Rescue, Doc Williams spca and maybe a couple more. Not sure.

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ednah dogs were released to the hsus today effective in 7 days(got to give them a chance to appeal) by Judge Van Gearhart in district court Baxter county

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone with information (phone number email) about the where abouts of Dobe Pittbull Rescue Center main contact person Christine, please let me know at She has fallen off the face of the earth and I never got my spay certificate. Phones disconnected, website's down, email not working any longer.

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dobe Pittbull rescue center was in Hazelton, PA. forgot to mention that in my last blog.

At 3:33 AM, Blogger Beagle Rescue said...

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