Monday, December 05, 2005

Lots of Rescue Photos

These links feature photos taken by rescue groups or individuals while working in the Gulf Coast region. I'm listing these links separately from the shelter websites, because the whereabouts of most of these pets are unknown. These are just photos taken during people's trips. I thought they may be useful to someone.

Camp Katrina (Tylertown): Temporary shelter run by the Humane Society of Louisiana in Tylertown, MS. This website has HUNDREDS of pictures of Camp Katrina. There are several photo albums to look through under "Camp Katrina Photos". More photos on the Humane Society of Louisiana website.

Lamar Dixon Photos 1: These pictures were taken by Missouri Pitbull Rescue September 21st–28th. Also look at the journal of their trip.

Lamar Dixon Photos 2: Taken by the American Humane Association from the first week of September to the beginning of October.

PBS Katrina Animal Rescue special: Photos & video from the TV special on animal rescue.

Tylertown Photos 1: Photos taken by an individual volunteering in Tylertown (I think with Best Friends in October).

Tylertown Photos 2: Taken by Free Spirit Siberian Rescue during their trip to Tylertown (Best Friends) in late September.

Tylertown Photos 3: Taken by an individual during their trip to Tylertown (Best Friends).

Tylertown Photos 4: 21 photos taken by an individual in September. Lots more Tylertown photos here.

New Orleans Animal Rescue: Click on "Gallery" on the left side of the page. Four photo galleries of rescued pets, airlifts, etc.

Danakay's Rescue Photos: [Also posted above with the shelter links.] Three pages of photos mostly from Winn Dixie. Some are from Mississippi and also a couple from LSU early in Sept. Current location is known for SOME of these animals, but not all.

Binary Blonde's photos: Worked with Alley Cat Allies in Louisiana. Lots of rescue photos (also fostering/adopting a few Katrina dogs & cats....see link posted about with the other shelter links).

Katrina Dog Rescue: Click on "Visual Scrapbook" link on the right to view rescue photos. WARNING: some are graphic. News for New Orleans, Louisiana. TONS of slideshows featuring pets & rescue efforts (among aftermath pictures).


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